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chevy bowtie logo - Vinyl, Black, Flags, etc.

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has anyone put a vynil sticker on their Chevy bowtie logo and if you have do yall have any pictures?
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I have not done it myself, but have seen several "Texas Flag" stickers in shape of the "bowtie"! I think I've seen on-line. That is the way I'd go. Good luck!
I have seen them on Ebay
I have the Texas flag on mine. I will try to post a picture a little bit later.
thanks so its better to do that than to paint it?and were do you get it?
It's probably better to buy a sticker if you want it to be that shiny metallic blue color since it would be difficult to match that color/scheme with paint. I only recommend you paint the bow tie if your doing a single color or if the bow tie is damaged/scratched bad. Your truck is black right?
yes its black if i get the emblem painted or a sticker it would be black
yes its black if i get the emblem painted or a sticker it would be black

I've been off line for a couple of days but it seems that your still debating what to do with your bowtie. I'll post a pic of mine tomorrow. Mabey that will help you decide.
thanks what color is urs and its a sticker right
Now I understand...
Paint it black! Remove the bow tie by loosening the screws behind the bow on the inside of the grill/bumper. My dad just pulled his off, painted it white with generic "automotive" spray paint in a can, then reattached the bow to the bumper. Before you paint the bow, you may want to scratch up the surface with fine sandpaper so that the paint will adhere to the bow easier. Easy stuff.
yea but i decided to get the sticker because ive heard too many problems with painting it like the paint chipping
when looking online for one what would you type in
Cant find any black ones on ebay, Where else can ya get them??
im going to have to remove mine and paint it black since the area the vinyl decal covers is actually not the area that is weathered and looks bad. once i get around to doing it, ill document the process and do a write up on it...

ive done the same prcoess already to my trailer hitch cover for the Colorado and to my FAST intake on my SS, with great results and numerous compliments from people (on the FAST intake that is. no one cares about a trailer hitch
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