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Chevy Colorado Exterior

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The overall size and looks are one reason that my Brother in law just bought a new Colodado. What does everyone else think about the overall exterior of the rig?
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i love the style in every section of the truck but like always we california ppl always love to custom our truck so i shaved the rear door handles and the tailgate handle with a SirMichael's relocater and a molded roll pan....
I as well love the style of the colorado. I just picked up a black 06 ext cab colorado 2 weeks ago. i have only done a couple of things to it since i have had it. First i tinted the windows (5% all the way round). Second i got rear smoked out taillight covers....IM plaining on blacking out the front lights as well as the whole truck....
Where did you get your roll pan? I have an '05 x-treme and I can't find a pan to fit with the ground effects. Any suggestions?
For the extreme, I'd try either Street Scenes or Xenon pans. I've put a little money in my truck already....Flowmaster duals, AEM short ram intake, Redline M1 chip, Goodmark ram air hood, full carbon fiber grille with chrome mesh, projector headlights w/ angel eyes, with LED tail lights on the way. Within the month, I'll have the Street Scenes SS body kit and JTR header w/ dyno tuning. If you're looking for good parts that are hard to find, you guys seriously need to look into eBay...or

... bumping this old thread ...
I love mine...but I am a little partial...
I like the way the way these trucks look lifted.
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