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Chevy Colorado pickup ~ Your Thoughts

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I'm curious what people think about this truck. Is it any bigger than the old s-10?
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The colorado was designed from the ground up to be an entirely new truck. It's quite an improvement over the s-10, who's design went back to the early 1980's. My brother in law is thinking of buying one, so we will go take a look and will give a review in the next few weeks.

Has anyone here driven one/bought one? We'd love to hear from you if you have.
My parents just recently bought me a 2005 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab LS to replace my 1997 GMC Sonoma Ext Cab.the room in the colorado has way more than the Sonoma.If you get a Colorado Ext Cab,it might have a little more room than the S-10s and Sonomas.And the ride is smoother than the S-10s but its not a huge difference.The Colorado also has a good bit more power and the gas mileage is better than the old 4.3L v6.The average on my Colorado is 20+mpg right now since i do alot of highway driving and my Sonoma was around 17 or 18mpg.I also like the traction control which performs a whole lot better than the stock rear ends on the S-10s.and when in slick conditions such as mud,the right rear tire on the old S-10s would only spin a good bit of the time.every now and then both would spin equally.And you can also get things like XM Satellite Radio and other small features.So in my opinion,Colorados and Canyons are worth it.But everybody has different opinions so i recommend taking a test drive and checking your options.But if you ask me,go for a Colorado or Canyon
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Awesome, so it sounds like you really like your colorado. That's great.
On my second Colorado/Canyon

Late 05 I bought a Colorado Reg cab 4x4 LS. Nice truck, nicely appointed and excellent in the snow. In northern VA we get snow, but there's no town crew to plow (unlike where I'm from in New England) so you're basically on your own. I found I was parking my 04 Mercedes C-Class and driving the Colorado more. Maybe it's the whole Virginia red-neck thing (I listen to country music now too). Recently, I ended up selling both the Mercedes and the 05 Colorado and buying a loaded 06 Canyon crew cab. I'm very happy with my decision. I prefer the looks of the Canyon over the Colorado - although most will say you can barely tell the difference.
I've had my '07 Reg Cab LS for about 5 weeks now and I love it. Coming from a Nissan pickup, it is a HUGE upgrade. Engine is strong and the thing has plenty of oomph.
Just purchased an 07 Colorado regular cab. Had it about a week. Used to have an S-10 the colorado feel alot bigger. I have two 17yr old son and all three of us fit in the front (only) seat, although it is tight.
I to just recently bought my Rado. It is alot bigger than the S-10 I had, while I wish I could have kept it (it was a real SS S-10), I am really enjoying my Rado, I only hope it holds up as long as My S-10 did.
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The sales on this truck were decent, but I expect they will increase with the new model.

It is good truck. I am driving it know because my boss (i am working in this groupage Russia company now) adores all kind of Chevy. Nice to use in European weather. I have been driving it for 1 year and have nothing to complain.
I'll throw my thoughts in here... I like the new colorado concept - I think we need more of the european small trucks (and euro/australian market anything, really - Holden Commodore/Pontiac G8, european fords, new Caprice/current Holden product, Toyota Hilux). If they make this concept, or the reality that comes from it, the north american production version, they will have a good little truck.

That being said, the current colorado/canyon is a decent truck, and the new one looks promising, but I'm still a fan of full size trucks and SUVs that I can tow and haul more with.
European cars are smaller and don't have US' cars charm) they use renaults even for international trucking services instead of taking fords which are obviously bigger and more comfortable than most "europeans"
i purchased a 2005 colorado 4 door, 5cyl 2 wheel drive only draw back so far, i had to install air bags on the rear, due to serious sagging when towing ,installing the air bags was very easy to do firestone air bags are great they are a exact fit. i tow a pop up camper, when i weighed at a scale i am 8,500 this includes all camping gear full of fuel. the 5cyl engine does a great job towing i do downshift, when climbing hills and when going down hill fuel mileage 18 to 20 when loaded, average speed 55 to 60 loaded. i think this is a GREAT truck for the size, only trouble i have had was i needed to replace controler for doors and windows.
I went to test drive one a while ago.... it was a piece of crap!
when you closed the door, the whole body of the accepting doorjam moved... so if you got T-boned I think youd be dead
the 5 cly had no balls at all... even with the stick shift
there was no leg room in the truck, even for me... the skinny driver... the wheel-well was part of my floor
and the pedals were the size of tic-tac boxes. I had to carefully and daintily select the pedal I wanted in my winter boots to not hit more than one....
its a failure.
you really deserved that bailout, GM :grrrrrr:
IMO, the Colorado and Canyon are some hella ugly trucks. Apparently a newly re-designed Colorado and Canyon are due in 2014.
I'm curious what people think about this truck. Is it any bigger than the old s-10?
I have had my Colorado since 04 bought it with 385 miles on it and now it has 320,780 miles on it. It has been by far the best truck i have owned. And when this one gives up I am planning on getting another one
Old thread but I'll put in my two cents as well. I test drove a 2011 SLE Canyon (5 cylinder) and a 2011 SLE Sierra 1500 (8 cylinder 5.3L) had a lot more balls, better towing and payload, and practically the same gas mileage. $2,000 more for the Sierra than the Canyon. I went with the Sierra.
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