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Chevy Equinox - SUV, Crossover, Wagon? You make the call!

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Is it more SUV, more car, more station wagon? Isn't it sort of in its own category with a few other crossover vehicles?
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It's a crossover SUV, but it fits into the SUV category more than into the Auto or Wagon category.
very cool.
The Nox, I like that. Just bought one on Tuesday and am loving every minute behind the wheel.
Awesome. We're looking at buying a 2006 to replace the trailblazer.
Equinox is fantastic. The best car I've ever had.:glasses:
Wife wanted an Equinox, but after driving one fell more in love with the Cobalt SS sedan. I however, just got to drive the 2008 Sport. What a different vehicle it is compared to the regular Equinox. I think I know what I'm replacing my 2006 Cobalt SS/SC with. That's why I'm here. I want to learn more about the Equinox before I buy one. Knowledge is power.
Crossover? SUV? Wagon? All of the above?
Like I said on another thread-the Equinox is fondly viewed-for an SUV- on MPG forums.It is rated 22/32 -4 cyl with 6 speed AT-which means it can deliver an honest 35 mpg at 65 mph-very good hy mpg for a 187" long vehicle.
It is roughly equivalent to a 1960's mid sized SW- but it gets 2X the mpg with more head room-probably more leg room also.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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