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Chevy Intake

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ok now that i have my exhaust im looking for an intake..

now ive been looking on Ebay and there a re a ton of them for our trucks.. Chevy Intake

besides K&N does anyone have any other suggestions?

I kinda think your paying for the name w/ the K&N what do you think?
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My friend put a K&N cold air kit in his 04 2500HD. Said it was an easy install and noticed an increase in gas mileage, not much but an increase.
That's interesting. An increase in mileage w roughly the same power?
ya i had a K&N cold air on my 96 Jimmy it was nice dont get me wrong but they want around 200 dollars for a peice of plastic and a filter lol..

hell i only paid 375 for my exhaust installed

eh maybe im just being cheap but ya gotta wonder :roll:
Yeah, I don't think you're paying for the parts. They prob make the whole thing for less than 5 bucks. I think you're paying for the design and engineering.
I, personally, was looking at the Airaid and SLP intakes. I really like the SLP, but it is a tad expensive.... Anyone have any experience with it?
The performance parts department at the local GM dealership carries Airaid....but personally I havent tried any, I just have a drop in filter.

yeah ive been trying to find a good airaid intake for my 4.3L v6 and ive been successful but now im trying to find a throttle body does anyone know were i could find one for my size engine?
I own a 06..1500 5.3L i bought a Volant cold air intake with the optional ram-air tube and found a conciderable difference in throttle responce...aprox 1.5mpg improvement on city (havent checked on the freeway) well worth the money in my opinion.... took me about 30 min to install the whole thing and am very happy i bought it....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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