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It's always a value proposition. How much are they asking for it? I've got a 2002 with about 60,000 now and have had no problems with it at all other than usual maintenance. Remember, trucks and SUVs keep their value better so people put more money into them, it's a good vehicle for the long haul if you are interested in keeping her running.

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oh I def' would keep good care of her they are asking $8995 for it. Really the only thing holding me back is the mileage but if thats not a problem i'm going for it. So you have a 2002 also... how's your transmission run? is it a sturdy car? again first time chevy owner if I get it. I'm used to pathfinders and jeeps

Appreciate the help!

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Hope Im not too late, but....

How's that old Hillbilly song go...oh yeah...

"Make a Ford and a Chevy last ten years like they should..."

Dont do it !

If it has a 4.2L inline six, and is in a Trailblazer, Envoy or Bravada
These engines have a very high probablity of engine failure after 100,000 miles per GM's own figures and projections.

It does not matter how well the Suv was maintained the engines have a defective part that when broken causes catastrophic engine failure.

And dont think getting the oil analized will show the problem before it happens, because when the part breaks, it's going to be instant, and this defect has nothing to do with normal wear and tear.

I have looked through this sight, and it seems no one knows or has researched anything about these time bombs.

Sad to say it seems like any if at all info on this site seems to be supplied directly by GM's release of it's copywritted matierals, and what it's techs are told.

Im basically writing this to let you know about your intrest vehical's potential for catastrofic engine failure that is being consealed by GM, and only then, left up to the dealerships discresion as if to warrant, or not to warrant.

Especially since the "extended warranty" that would be involed is not restricted to the origional owner!

But honestly, what do you think the odds of a dealership passing up the big bucks they can get out of the consumer for parts and labor compared with
the pitance they get from a GM warranty?

Needless to say, pertaining to the engines that come in these SUVs..and that some have invested over a $40,000 loaded up...

The message that GM is sending is that these engines are only good for 100,000 mile life expectancy in realation to the money the consumer puts out.

Put 100,000 miles on thier product, and its time to buy another one from them.

This kind of attitude makes your resale value in the upcomming years not worth squat per GM's own admission of the facts sourrounding the Engine's extended warranty.

Why do I assume this?

GM in so many words says conerning these engine's not so rare defect problem, what they will be resopnsible extended warranty of 100, 000 miles, and with the condition that the engine has to fail before that period no matter if not the origional owner.

How many dealerships out there do you think can pick up an Envoy with a blown engine past it's standard warranty, and can or would say it was abuse or overworked, just dont make em like they used to...and get away with it to the average consumer?

And then, as a cheap trade in on another vechical or for a song and a dance as chevy parts, thus becoming the Suv's 2nd or 3rd owner, then take advantage of that little known warranty info themselves, then turn around and sell it..?

And here is an even better one..Since there is no official recall GM says..
If it isnt broken yet, they wont fix it, even if the engine does contain the defective part.., How many Gm techs know about this problem, and are able to take advatage of it for monitary gain outside of their work place..?

It's way much easier than even breeding dogs for that easy money spare time money.

So, in retro spect, it may sound like a good deal for the price, but maybe the seller knows something you dont, and is not going to gamble with that 100,000 mile cap Gm has put on this engine's time bomb of a defect.

And also, just may be the seller is aware that its going to cost at least $7,000 to replace the highly praised inline six engine at a dealership after I make that 100,000 miles on the odometer.

Maybe the seller is even hoping that if the engine does go once he's sold it to you, there is the remote possibility it will go out on you before the 100,000, and you will come back to him to complain, want your money back, which he will legally refuse, because you bought it as is..

Pay a buddy or reletive later contact buy your Envoy for envoy parts, turn around get a fee engine, and gleefully richer drive it around for another 90, 000 miles.

Gm makes thier own damn problems and complications trying to do the right thing, and at the same time keeping secrets from the consumer and press.

Problem is, it's always the consumer that suffers for it.

Again just to keep you up with the facts, concerning hiding engine defects.

Gm will not make this defect public knowelege by doing public recalls.. and one of the qualifcations for the engines to be warranted is, they must first malfunction or fail within that 100,100mile set cap, then, and only then will the dealership have an obligation to tell the owner he does not have to pay for a new engine.

This is nothing new, as a few of the older folks out there are aware of, GM has been hiding this type of problem since the 80's with the engines that went in the Vegas.

The extended warranty info was so well hidden, that only the machine shops that were qualified by the dealerships do resleeve work on the engine blocks had the extended engine warranty info, as to pass it on to the dealerships and cutomers as a no charge..

GM is very good at hiding all things detramental to their reputatation, they even have gone though the expence of creating their own "GMBBB" as one of the steps in consumer disputes, as to keep the findings and results of investigations from public record.

I guess what Im saying is that Envoy is a sucker's bet, should you decide to take it and have not done your home work on the GM feedback available on the consumer complaint sites out there.

You asked for advice, I gave it...and a lot more..

For all you consumers who come upon this that own the types of GM SUVs with that engine mentioned here in..

Dont look to me for paperwork to back it up when your engine fails and you want satifaction..., do your own homework on the subject now, and you wont have to later.

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Yeah no kidding! the poster above didnt have much nice to say about the 4.2L I-6 which is sad because that motor really is a long haul machine, it put it right up there with the 4.3L and 5.7L motors of old!
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