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My wife works till 7pm so the daughter and I usually make something together. I'm thinkin' steaks, done rare (blue), Bake potato, and some kinda veg. all done on the bar-bee. Can ya smell it....
yea sure can,,just got done making enchiladas,,using ,,,,chili and tomatoes,also made some gorditas,,,breakfast here in mexico,,,,first we milked the goats 45 goats,,now we are in process of making goat cheese from the milk,,,had tamalies yesterday made from our own grown corn,,,day before we had chilies rellena,,,,chilies stuffed with chicken meat,,battered with a corn meal and fried,,great stuff,,,,today we will eat beef stew made from the front leg of cow called tutuno,,,just the front leg cut in slices about 2 inches good meat gives a good taste to the stew,,,,later abuelito
1 - 1 of 337 Posts
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