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Hello everyone,
I have been speaking with a Toronto law firm interested in starting a class action law suit in Canada ( to do with Oil consumption and engine damage. There is a class action already in several US states. Here is a link explaining the US lawsuit- Can You File a GM Class Action Lawsuit for Oil Consumption? | Top Class Actions
I had to have a new camshaft, lifters, rods, etc. replaced back in Sept. 2017 because of this issue. They need someone who has had the work done within the last two years to start the lawsuit. Mine was over two years ago so I'm looking for people that have had work done within the two years, due to this issue, to start the suit. You can email me at [email protected] if you're interested and I'll pass your info on to Sotos Class Actions. It cost me over $6000 to fix my 2012 GMC Sierra due to this problem.

Neil Hamilton
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