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Cognito 10'-12' suspension lift kit

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I had been looking online and found a really good price for this size lift from cognito for around 2,500 and they seem very reliable lifts and great quality. I wish i had seen this kit before i bought the lift for my truck or i would have bought it.. Does anyone know how good these lift's are and does anyone have one or know anyone who does... i'm just curious ha.
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Cognito is great stuff, but 1/2ton trucks axles don't like anything over a 35" tire. I ran 35's on my Suburban for years, added 37's and the first time off-road I broke a rear axle. All the off-road magazines say don't run a tire over 35" with a 1/2ton truck. Also IMO if you go to big with your truck and tires it starts looking like a swap buggy.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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