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Cognito 10'-12' suspension lift kit

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I had been looking online and found a really good price for this size lift from cognito for around 2,500 and they seem very reliable lifts and great quality. I wish i had seen this kit before i bought the lift for my truck or i would have bought it.. Does anyone know how good these lift's are and does anyone have one or know anyone who does... i'm just curious ha.
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Cognito is one of the absolute best suspension companies out there. Their lifts are top notch and very very pricey. The 10-12 set at 10" would look great with 35's, or you could crank it to 12" and roll 37's.
A 2011 duramax with a 12'' lift would probably be the greatest thing to ever roll the streets. I would bow down to your truck if you pulled that off!!!
Yeah. I would have to live in the truck if I did that.
Man those things cost a fortune. A local stealership is selling one loaded out with a 6" Procomp suspension with 35's/20's, some steps and a billet grille for $68k. Bad part is that someone will pay that.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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