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Cognito 10'-12' suspension lift kit

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I had been looking online and found a really good price for this size lift from cognito for around 2,500 and they seem very reliable lifts and great quality. I wish i had seen this kit before i bought the lift for my truck or i would have bought it.. Does anyone know how good these lift's are and does anyone have one or know anyone who does... i'm just curious ha.
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Yeah Blackout07 i was looking at that too so i guess you could run different size lift's with the same kit i think that's pretty neat how you can do that. I would prob. turn it up to 12" but then i will need 37 13.50's for sure and have to regear and that's prob about it. I also like the way the suspension system look's underneith the truck that make's it seem much nicer to me. Idk maybe sometime in the future i will buy this kit when i trade this truck in on a newer body style and prob. be amazed lol
Yeah man i was planning to get that lift if i got a 2011 2500hd or somethin i would def. throw that lift on there and have it at 12 inches with 37 13.50's with 22x12's rims that's somethin i always wanted to do but the way diesel is right now lol want be buying one anytime soon... but i would have to make another tour in Iraq before i do these things lol...
haha yeah hopefully i can make another tour over sea's next year and make around 40 grand and i owe around 12,500 on my truck now i would pay it down to like 6 and when i got back sell it with everything on it without going to a dealership then have the money from overseas and what i get for the truck and put down a good bit on the 2500hd then do some mod's. A 2500hd with the 6.6 diesel is my dream truck with a 12 inch lift but will be a money pit ha.
haha yeah your better off buying it fully loaded and adding those mod's yourself over time they rip you off with mod's at the dealership but most people can't help it since it already has the mod's done but in time it's better to get it done yourself for sure. I might just keep my truck and pay it off and do all the mod's i want and be done with it ha. Then maybe i will get me a car or something also or a older body style 2500 to play around in. There's just so much you could do with 68 grand IF you role your dice right.
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