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Color Code Placard Missing - 2008 Chevrolet Silverado HELP!!!

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I have searched all over my truck to find the color code and cant find it anywhere. I was told when I bought the truck it was missing. I called the chevrolet dealership and gave them my vin and they said it was ZY1. Ive gone to all the sites to order touch up paint and that number doesnt exisit. Would someone look at my pics and if you might have the same color tell me what the name of the color is and the code. I would call it deep purple...I dont know what it is . Thanks !!


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I found my paint color code on the sticker on the dashboard as well.

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Hey, I don't think ZY1 is the color of the paint. I think it means your paint was "solid color" instead of I guess two-one or metallic paint. I found other vehicles that list ZY1 and on the build sheet for an 08 HHR it's listed as solid paint and then the code 41U for Black.
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