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Colorado wiring diagrams?

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Hi, new to the sight. I searched this forum without success trying to find a wiring diagram for the Colorado.
My wifes 2005 is having issues with the blower fan switch. Intermittent operation on speeds 1,2 and 3, USUALLY works on 4, sometimes doesn't work on any of them. But its seems that if I hit a dip in the road, that the fan will come back on if it hasn't been working, and vice versa.
Still under factory extended warranty, but due to the fact that I fix my own stuff, this one is really bugging me and I can't find any Chiltons or Haynes manuals for the Colorado so I can T/S myself.
If anyone knows of a book available, or has access to wiring diagrams for this truck, I would appreciate the help.

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Just a random guess, but I'm going to guess that the connection at the blower is loose. On my suburban I've been having a similar issue because the connection at my blower is loose, and I haven't fixed it yet. Try that..

this is the online version of the chiltons repair manuals

hope this helps

btw Welcome to the site
Hey thanks for the help and the responses, I will check the connection at the blower motor, and I found the Chiltons manual at that website!
Hopefully, I can get it fixed now.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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