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Computer programmers for '05 TB

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I am still on a quest to eliminate the torque management on mt new TB. I have made numerous trips to the dealership to try and resolve my problem,but to no avail. It is operating as it should. I am just dissapointed with the "275 hp& 275 ft lb" it is "supposed" to have. Now I know that the engine has the potential, but GM strangles it back for drivetrain warranty reasons. I have gone to Westers web site,but they have nothing available yet,and when they do it will be a replacement ECM not a progammer. If I had a programmer, you could return the vehicle to stock settings if a warranty issue came up, but if I swap the ECM I can't do that . Westers wants you stock ECM as a core. Does any one know of any one making a power programmer for the '05 TB ???????????????
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I'll support you as much as I can on your quest, but I'm not aware of anything yet sorry. :-(
There are absolutely no handheld tuners available for the 4.2L engine. The Westers tune is about the only thing you are going to see until at least Christmas, and as of now they only have the 02 and 02 tunes done. Something about Gm changing the pcm mapping in 04+. I wish someone made one for the 4.2, but nothing as of yet.
the only computer mod I have found

I just purchased the jet performance module, I talked to the guy and he said it will not void warranty and it bolts on in about 5 minutes, it should be here by next wednesday.

so we will see

I also have already installed the K&N cold air system and am going to have custom 3 1/2 inch exhaust made for it, I hate loud exhaust systems, and the intake spacer i plan on getting next week also.

i am pretty happy with the performance now, so with all the mods i am hoping for maybe 40 horse, i am shooting for 325 so i will keep you guys informed.

2005 LS 4WD 6000 miles on it now
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