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Considering a Suburban

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Hi Everyone,

I am considering buying a 99 Suburban 1500 with the 5.7 L engine but wanted to get some feedback first. It has 95K on it but body and interior looks mint. Cost is $6K. How concerned should I be with the Mileage? The most driving this will get is in the Winter because we currently have these vehicles.

2006 Mercury Mariner GF currently driving for winter. My daily in spring/summer/fall
2005 350Z (This is the reason for the Suburban!) Fun Car. horrible in winter.

I drove the 350 today through 4 inches of snow in Chicago and it's horrible. I always have wanted a bigger vehicle than my Mariner too cuz sometimes we don't have enough room for people or when I pick up firewood or haul my motorycle around.

Should I be concerned on that mileage?

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If you wanted a bigger vehicle, you've got it in the burban! :lol:

Trucks and SUVs keep their value longer, so they tend to be driven more miles. That sounds like a great deal for that many miles for only $6k. I wouldn't mind getting in on that type of deal.

It's worth it to spend a few bucks to have a mechanic take a look at it. Either drive it to them, or find a good mobile mechanic that will come out and have a look. You'll spend a few bucks, but it's cheap insurance in the long run. I wouldn't blink at 95K miles though.
You Should NOT be concerned on the mileage only got 95K ..she's still got alot of years left in the burb. Keep up the tune ups and stuff and the burb will be a great asset to your collection .

only thing is that when you fill the tank it really hits your wallet !

oh and :sign0016:to the forums !
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I also would not worry too much about 95K on a '99 Suburban. I agree that this vehicle has a lot of years left in her, so you'll probably do fine.

That being said, I would get a CarFax report on the VIN number, and also would pay a mechanic $50-75 (or whatever they charge around you) to take a look at it. I've got a place that I can get into with a couple day's notice and I plan on doing that when I get my next vehicle.
I have a 99 Suburban and love it. The only things you should be concerned about at that milage (assuming it has been well maintained) are the intake manifold gaskets tend to start leaking and need replacing and the fuel pump will probably be going out soon. If those have already happened, you should have nothing to worry about.
Be sure to check for coolant leaks. That vintage GM vehicle has issues with cooling system seals. Common leaks are the intake manifold gasket and the water pump.
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