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older burb


Im 15 and ive pretty much decided that I want to get a 'burban as my first driving car. I probably want a pre-91 as their brutish shape really appeals to me and they look like I could easily sleep in the back of the truck.

I go snowboarding all the time at Tahoe and I don't have much cash (less cash = more lift tix!), so I really need the ability to sleep in the back. But it does look like that comes standard with the truck lol...

Is there anything i should look out for while trying to get one? I'm looking to pay about 1000 for the car.

I am really good mechanically, I buy, fix, and paint cars in my spare time for the past 3 years so I really know the works. Never owned an American before tho, just a porsche 944 (bucket!), mercedes (hooptie!), and a few Jap cars.

What are the best years to get? Anything in particular to watch out for? Do these cars rust badly? Is the Diesel any better on fuel mileage than the gasser? Do these things have good offroad capability? thanx in advance, Joe
86 and older burbs have carbs.

Newer have tbi, or fuel ingection.

There is plenty of room to sleep in any year.

watch for frame rust threw on anything that old.

deisel is always better in the mpg.

off road, well these things are huge,wide wheel base. So you are not going to fit down all trails.

If you can work on them, you will never regret owning one.

I'm not a big fan of computers, anything with a carb doesn't have one.

Good luck on your search, anything we can help with. Don't be affraid to ask.

Keep it between the ditches.
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