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Considering engine swap for towing purposes

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Hey guys, on a tablet so this will be short. Doing a significant amount of towing with my truck. Trailer is a 7x12 v nose with a usual total wt of 5k. It seems to be working very hard on some of the longer pocono grades. Even though it pulls them at 55 65 I dont like seeing the rpms at 2750 and engine temp creep to 235. Even though I can average 10.8mpg towing so I am thinking upgrade. Looking at a 14 2500hd/duramax. A lot of $$$$$ so need some input. Ie Real world mpg on the duramax and normal op temps/mpg for a 5.3.
Thanks in abvance
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Since you tow in that area with those large long grades you will need tow in 3rd gear and be at the higher rpm of about 2700 RPM @ 55MPH. the other problem you created as mentioned is larger tires. what this does is reduce the gear ratio meaning the engine load is increased. If you put on the OEM sized tires you will have more torque available for the tow load.

If I had this type use in this area I would not use those sized tires .

Diesel is not cheap. however you will have the torque to pull the load up the long steep grade.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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