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Got my CR mag in the mail today, and they had reviews for the new f150, and the new ratings for the light and heavy duty trucks. Looks like Chevy dominated the List.

Light duty List:
1) Chevy Avalanche LT (5.3L)--80
2) Chevy Silverado LT (5.3L)-- 70
3) GMC Sierra (5.3L)--70
4)Toyota Tundra (5.7L)--69
5) Ford F150 (5.0L)--68
6) Ford F150 (EcoBoost)--68
7) Dodge Ram (5.7L)--67
8) Nissan Titan (5.6L)--62

Heavy Duty:
1) Chevy Silverado 2500HD (D-max)
2) Ford F250 (Pstroke)
3) Dodge 2500 (Cummins)
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