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Just really an informative thread for yall:
My 2000 silverado 4.3 v6 has been acting up lately, and finally the other day it threw a code at me, I ran my programmer through to identify them and got 2:

P0300-random or multiple misfires
P0337-crankshaft position sensor

I finally got a BWD crankshaft position sensor and installed it today.
FYI: On the 2wd 4.3 it is located right behind your harmonic balancer and if your truck isnt lifted you might wanna jack it up a little bit, but it is really a pretty simple task to perform. But when you get under there easily viewable. changing it took no longer than 20 minutes. Driving home from my friends place my truck was no longer hesitating, kicking, and misfiring. And no more DTC's so far.

So all around this solved my problem as far as I know.
If this ever happens to yall and you get that code dont freak out, its a simple task to perform, and from what ive heard from friends so far this is a pretty common problem.
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