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Crazy Problem Today

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:grrrrrr:So today I went to Sam's club, and when I came out I started my truck up and everything was fine. The problem came when I put it in drive. When it in drive, my ABS light came on along with the service traction control light and Stablitrak notification. I knew something was up, but I had groceries going bad so I had to try and drive home. So I pull out and every time it shifted it threw you back into your seat extremely hard. So I was trying to drive slow and try to keep the truck from shifting as little as possible. Then, out of nowhere, the speedometer started just jolting all around jumping up and down, then the truck just died going down the road at 40 mph. So I coasted to a stop on the side of the road and turned the key off for about 10 minutes. I tried starting it up and everything was back to normal no lights at all. I got home and plugged it up to my programmer that was not in my truck and the truck had thrown no codes!! I had no reverse for a day back in January, that also threw no codes.

Dealer said maybe the throttle body. I am going to take it to them today in about an hour or so and see what they can do. Probably nothing since it didn't throw a code, which makes me pretty mad.

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strange that its not popping a code. im not sure about obd2 but with obd1 there are some critical components that wont pop a code. not sure why but the tps and iac wont pop. of course without the tps it wont run but if its intermittent then it will run but run badly and will not pop a code. i would think they would have resolved this with obd2 but again i dont know very much (yet) about obd2 systems. imo look for those sensors that might not read and find out what the bench test values are and bench test them. like for example with my supercharged t-bird you measure the tps via vdc. perfect voltage at idle is .89vdc. with change in temps, barometric pressures, and altitudes this will vary around .05 +or- due to expansion and contraction of the alloys.
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