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Crazy Problem Today

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:grrrrrr:So today I went to Sam's club, and when I came out I started my truck up and everything was fine. The problem came when I put it in drive. When it in drive, my ABS light came on along with the service traction control light and Stablitrak notification. I knew something was up, but I had groceries going bad so I had to try and drive home. So I pull out and every time it shifted it threw you back into your seat extremely hard. So I was trying to drive slow and try to keep the truck from shifting as little as possible. Then, out of nowhere, the speedometer started just jolting all around jumping up and down, then the truck just died going down the road at 40 mph. So I coasted to a stop on the side of the road and turned the key off for about 10 minutes. I tried starting it up and everything was back to normal no lights at all. I got home and plugged it up to my programmer that was not in my truck and the truck had thrown no codes!! I had no reverse for a day back in January, that also threw no codes.

Dealer said maybe the throttle body. I am going to take it to them today in about an hour or so and see what they can do. Probably nothing since it didn't throw a code, which makes me pretty mad.

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Yes reprogrammed to the tire size and the dealership said they could not do anything which makes me very mad!
It's a mystery problem. No codes, no CAI. They are making me pay $100 to get diagnostics so a district supervisor can get involved but I am not going to blow $100 bucks when I know there is no codes. They are basically telling me drive it until it does it again then bring it to them, I guess they missed the part that the truck TURNED off and I was stuck in a parking lot until it decided it was fine!!!! Customer service has been no help so far and the dealer says nothing they can do except wait until it happens again, which if it happens going 70 down the interstate that's not going to be fun. Its a safety issue that the thing is just cutting off randomly with no way to tell me why!
I finally got one after talking to a few people and not being able to get through. I don't know what they are doing yet, I am waiting for a call back.
UPDATE: The customer service manager was very confident that I would get a call back today from her or the guy underneath her that I spoke with, that didn't happen. Very frustrated at this point, and there is nothing I can do I guess but wait. I've seen online one complaint filed about this and nothing was ever done to fix it. Personally, I feel like it is a safety issue, having the computer go completely crazy and the vehicle turn off driving down the road. I hope tomorrow will bring better news, I like Chevrolet, but I feel like there isn't enough pride in the products that we pay good money for if they tell me to drive it until it cuts off on me again. I know intermittent problems are hard to figure out if they act up randomly and then fix themselves before you get to the dealership. Like, I lost reverse for 24 hours and took it to the dealership back in January the day after it did it and there was nothing that could be done to fix it since their was no codes. Also, when shifting out of 4 low back to 2 high, once I get it back into 2 high, the truck will surge then 2 distinct pops in the shift, throwing you back in the seat. The dealership cannot recreate that and it has happened probably 15 times over the past two years and they are saying that there is nothing that can be done about that either. I can live with no diagnosis on the reverse and shifting problem, but I need some answers from Chevy on the turning off driving down the road.

Anybody think I am being ridiculous?
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My truck has never had stock tires, the dealership added a lift. Also about the programmer, at the time, I did not have a program running in my truck I had to have it sent in to edge to have a new screen put it. I have had my programmer unhooked and I went through and reprogrammed it back to stock before sending the programmer to edge. I have it hooked up right now, stock engine program just with my tire size plugged in. The dealership had it the trucked programmed to 305/65r18's when I purchased it.
By any chance did the dealer or you have the f&r gears changed??
Nope, stock 3.73's f&r
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