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Crazy texas rain

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Last night we had a pretty powerful thunderstorm move across us. About 3:00 we woke up to what sounded like a 747 crashing in our backyard. No airplane back there, but a strong west to east front that carried a lot of rain and noise and light with it.
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Yea, it got pretty bad last night. There were two different houses within three miles of me that got struck by lightning and burned. Had the dog shaking.
That storm was pretty wild, I was coming home from Fort Worth when it started and it followed me all the way.
I gotta admit,TX has the worst freakin' thunderstorms.I live just outside New Orleans,so I've been thru lots of bad thunderstorms etc. However the two worst thunderastorms I was ever in were in TX.
About 7 years ago,I was on Hy287 driving between DFW and Amarillo.Just past Wichita Falls at about midnight the sky just exploded-driving rain blinding me, high gusty winds bouncing me all over the road,and lightening/thunder blasting the night.I finally stopped in Childress(I think that was the name),and stayed in a $21.95/night motel(clerk was behind bullet proof glass-fancy gadget to pass your $$ thru-charged me $3 extra for my dog)
The second time was on I-40 about 150 E of Amarillo.It was actually in OK-near Weatherford,I think??Well,the sky exploded again-wind rain etc,and suddenly the horizon was filled with these HUGE WINDMILLS!! It was like a scary SciFi movie;the windmills came out of nowhere on either side of the road-strobing with the lightening.
TX especially the panhandle, has world class bad weather-hot in the summer with terrible thunderstorms and tornados,cold and windy in the winter.
I like TX-Nice folks(and very good roads),but bad weather!!Great rest stops also!! I-10 along the bottom of TX seems to have better weather-but hotter!!
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Hy Steve, My daughter flew from Ottawa Canada to Huston TX yesterday Will Saskatoon SK Canada:lol:
Tell her to wave next time she's flying over. ;-)

It rained all day long today. I was going to do some type of outdoor project, but it was just too wet.
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