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Crew cab rear bucket seats

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I've only found two other crew cab trucks on any forum that have done this, and mine hasn't turned out that well. I have a 2005 1500 Crew Cab with the 60/40 split back seat. I decided to cut out 20 of the 60 and have bucket seats with a sub box center console. I cut the middle out with a sawzall and made sure to not cut off all of the fabric, but the fabric up top isn't wanting to come down and it just isn't looking too well. Also, the top part of the seat is a little wobbily because I cut off a bar on accident. Anyways, I did it and I like the way that it looks a million times better. I'll put up pictures tomorrow, I couldn't get any good ones tonight. Hopefully this seat turns out to look good. Some of my friends saw it tonight and they loved it. Any comments?
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I'll be interested in seeing this, hope it turns out ok for ya, but I just can't see taking a sawzall to my seats!
Looking forward to seeing the pics as well before I can comment. Sounds like a pretty risky move, but very interesting. We're always giving up something to get a little something else with our vehicles. I hope it turns out well for you also....I know it's tough to find room on the inside to do it all.
Sounds like a cool set up can't wait to see pictures.
I am in for Pics!!!
Sorry about the delay for the pictures. I was at school all day and then straight piped my friend's truck for him, haha. I barely had any time to get a picture in with the sunlight, but here it is. I think I'm just going to put seat covers on until I get my seats redone in black vinyl. The fabric doesn't really want to work with me right now since the seat is about 2 inches too wide since I kept in the support bar.

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I had expected that to look a lot worse when you said you cut it with a sawzall. I'm not really that great with upholstery, so I can't really help you out with how to fix that, but I think it looks cool. Be sure to post up some pictures once you have that finished and dealt with, and let us know what your final solution is.
I had expected that to look a lot worse when you said you cut it with a sawzall.
Same here.. it actually looks pretty good!
Well, before I cut anything I pulled all of the fabric back and took out the foam. I just cut out the metal and kept the fabric to try and put it back as best as possible. I like the way it looks, though.
Looks way better than I thought it would after reading the first post. How does it look from the other side? Should be a cool mod when it's all done. After seeing this it got me wondering if Suburban/Tahoe rear buckets would fit.
Your a brave man, but it looks pretty good
Looks good. the rear buckets out of a tahoe/burban should pretty much bolt in (well new holes drilled that is) since the floor pan is virtually identical in them. and in reality you could put in the buckets out of the front of a Silvy. those would have the arm rest so nobody accidentally puts thier arm thru those subs... i have done a few custom upholstery jobs. Looks good to me!
Looks nice... For the Subs I would do a down fireing box with a port facing the front...and put some matching carpet on top..
I agree with what most of the others are saying. It looks great and definitely came out much better than I thought it would. Nice job!
Hell ya that was a brave move lol. I would of never done that, i probably would of of took the seats out and put after market bucket seats in. It does look really nice though, Those subs must pound the **** out of that back seat. lol
The tahoe second row seats actually do bolt right up, but I couldn't find any in the charcoal fabric that I had. Once I graduate from high school in a month or so I'm going to be able to work full time and get all of my seats redone in black viynl and do a custom fiberglass console from the dash all the way back.
:cool:Looks nice
It looks a lot better then I thought it would. I have buckets in my crew cab. I've had them for almost two years. I will be switching to the Tahoe Buckets when I body drop my crew cab though. They recline and they have arm rests. I just used two 40 sections and modified the bracket for the other bucket. The Buckets that will bolt up are tahoes, Escalades, (denali's & Yukon's I think). Theres a guy on another forum who tried installing suburban seats in his 1500 crew cab and they didn't work, but there was a guy who installed Suburban Buckets in his 2500 Silverado and everything went smoothly. So the floor pans are different in them. I also considered using front seats out of another truck, but I saw it in person and the seats are too tall for the back since the floor raises up to stay level with the front seats. They would work and look good if you could make new brackets. You'll have to modify the brackets anyway to get them to even bolt up. When I get done doing my suspension work i'm going to build a console from the dash to the back wall with 2 AQ HDC312's in it at the back.

On a side note. I want your black steel wheels so bad. I can't find any around here.
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Thanks! I have yet to see another crew cab besides this black and red candy one on here that is going to be dropped. I knew that buckets from a Tahoe or Yukon would fit, but I looked all over eBay and craigslist, but could only find leather. I like the idea of your console. I really wish I went with a 15" Fi BTL on an AQ 2200D. These two CVX 12's take up too much room and the box I have them in is a little more than half of the specs for ported. Also, on my wheels, I took sandpaper to the stock chrome 17" wheels and painted them black and put on a satin clear coat. Took less than $10.
I like the look of the buckets in the back of the crew cab. Those subs do take up a bunch of room though. I was thinking it would look like a hack job after I read the first post. Turned out nice.
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