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98 Silverado K2500 Here is the problem I have. When puilling a hill in cruise the trans will downshift almost immediatley. The same hill under foot control I can pull all the way with no loss of speed and no downshift. What can I do to adjust this? Thanks
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A friend of mine had a 99 2500 that did the same thing. He would just kick the cruise off when going up and down a lot of hills (which was a pita since our deer lease is in "the Texas Hill Country"). Since it is all electronic, I don't think there are any adjustments.
My '99 2500 with 4L80E trans did the same thing; drove me nuts going over a freeway overpass and it would downshift. I would put it in tow/haul to defeat this until I changed to an Allison. I don't think there is a factory adjustment for this but most of the aftermarket performance programmers have adjustments you can make to the shift firmness. Maybe this would be an option.
I installed the HYpertech power programmer III hoping to cure it it did not. The programming is pre set by hypertech you can not set it at your specs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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