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Averaging 75mph driving speed getting 52mpg-spectacular??
Yeah-that is better than the Prius-at 75 mph it is maybe 43 mpg or a bit less
They have averaged a bit better than 51 mpg-2030 miles or so
1620 of them at 75 mph driving speed and 52 mpg
Yeah-that is a bit better than i would have guessed at 75 mph driving speed.I would have guessed close to 46mpg EPA HY at 75 mph- but TD are great hy(and city) always beat EPA by a lot

We once did Flagstaff TO new Orleans-1500 miles-in 24.5 hrs- 62 mph trip speed.We drove about 78 mph to do it-3 drivers- but we stopped maybe 5 times-gas bathroom-Honda Pilot-got 15 mpg!! Pitiful
I'll pass this on
A Prius will actually do 75MPH? When I rented a 2012 Prius in Florida on my vacation, it was lucky to get up to 75MPH. I drove the Prius like a madman and it got 44MPG.

I have been really curious about the Cruze diesel, good to see it get great fuel economy. I kind of wonder if GM will offer more diesel engines in different vehicles.

I watched a YouTube video where a guy drove from San Francisco to LA and back to SF on one tank of diesel. He averaged 49MPG.

Apparently a GM engineer got 900 miles on a tank of diesel.

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Stchman- would barely do 75 mph??
Odd-pretty sure Prius are governed at 104 mph
Doubt I've put our 2006 over 80 mph
but from the way it accelerates at 70 mph-I have no doubt it will do the full 104.
It is a very aerodynamic car.26 cd is the claim-so it doesn't need much hp to do 100 mph
Heck not sure what hp it makes-maybe 120-130 hp?? In any case plenty enough to punch such a small aero car up to 104

I wonder if that rental car was governed?? It wouldn't be too tough to chip it in some way so the top speed was limited to 80 mph The 2012 actually has a bigger motor 1.8 liter-more hp-so I have no doubt they can do whatever -104 mph- Toyota governs then at.
Bet that rental-had some extra governing in it
Our 2006 actually has decent enough zip accelerating from say 25mph to 60 mph-the immediate electric torque-nice boost.
It won't accelerate anything like that turbo cruise- 8-8.5 0-60 in a 50+ mpg car is awfully good
The TD Cruise will slightly beat the Prius in HY mpg-but in city mpg-the Prius can't be beaten
but the TD Cruise-a LOT more fun-lot more ZIP- YEAH $20,000 for a TD Cruise-deal of the year!!
TB is a Lucky so and so

Speaking of which-trip over?? Any more MPG reports??
When I was in Florida I was on the causeway between Cocoa and Orlando and it took a long time to get up to 75 and felt like it would not go hardly any faster. It good pretty good gas mileage, but I am used to something with a lot more power.

To top it off, the Prius did not have automatic headlamps, I was shocked, I thought all new cars have that stuff.

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Maybe the rental is low trim level?? Trying to save a few $$-toyota has stiff steps on different trim levels
the auto headlights might be bundled with some expensive "sound system " stuff
Surprised it was so slow feeling-I rarely drive 75 mph guessing it certainly wouldn't "jump" at 75 mph
just 130 hp or so-but they should do an honest 100 mph
My girlfriend's old 2006 Cobalt LS had automatic headlamps.

I'm just used to driving something with over 300HP so cars with weak 4-cyl engines feel very weak.
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