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Here is my little contribution. I have a 99 gmc jimmy 4.3 vortec. I found that the CS144 takes a 2” longer belt for comfortable fit. 1” can be used but i dont like the fit. So fitment wise, direct fit no mods other than belt and bracket on backside. Just remove that. 1 bolt. Now for wiring. L- needs just one resistor 36 ohm up to 87 ohm 1 to 5 watt. I use an 85 ohm 5 watt for longevity. Now the S connection you will wire from there to the battery post positive. This will sense the voltage drop at the battery. Way more efficient. Now for power wire to charge batt, use 4 gauge and better. 200 amp and up alt? Use 2 gauge and better. I made this post due to lack of info out there. Here is the harness adapter.
1pc X Alternator Wiring Harness Adapter 160 CS130D to CS121 CS130 CS144
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