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Went on an airbrush forum and an airbrush artist replied to a thread I started about geting ideas for doing some airbrushing under the hood on the AEM intake, engine coverm fuse box cover..etc

His idea was to go with a Biomechanical theme.

On the intake he's wanted to airbrush some ribs, a lung, blood, some veins, muscle tissue, a few faint lightening bolts for effect. He sent me an initial sketch which I approved and has started painting after taping, sketching and cutting the masks off, it's been a fairly slow process since the artist is in KY and I'm in NJ. It's only the begininng, but I'n very pleased on how it's looking so far.

As mentioned on the intake here is the beginning of the ribs and lung, with blood, some veins, muscle tissue, biomechanical metal tubes to come as he paints this up. Plus at the end it's all getting covered with some dark candy transparent red and of course plenty of clear.

On the engine cover he is going to airbrush a heart being held by a claw, with blood, muscle tissue, some lightening bolts and whatever other twisted ideas he comes up with.
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