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Get a good 1/2 drive breaker bar and a piece of pipe about 4 feet long. Loosen the drive nut with the truck on the ground and the bar wrench and socket straight up. Then just push towards the front bumper till the nut just comes loose. Same on the other side but push towards the rear. If you live in a rust zone soak the nut for a day or so. The lower ball joint can be loosened a little bit, place a jack under the LCA, whack the spindle around the lower ball joint with a 5 lb hand held sledge and it should pop loose. The guys that are good can replace these axles and bearings on the trail in about 30 minutes! If you break enough of them you get good! I you are removing the bearing you may be able to pull the whole thing out through the bearing hole in the spindle, I can't remember now for sure but take a look. There is a seal on the CV that goes up against the bearing on the insde, but I don't think it is any bigger than the bearing. Bearing is held in by 3 bolts. 3/4 and 1 ton stuff is 4 bolts for the bearing, not including the light duty 3/4 ton which is 3 bolts like the 1/2 ton.
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