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How long do CV joints typically last? I'm at 100K miles and I was just out to change the oil on the Suburban when I noticed some new "goo" on the driver's side brake caliber, ball joints, etc. A little investigation showed that it was from a small "dent" in the metal band that seals the CV joint boot (like a rock or something hit it). I know this wasn't there a couple of weeks ago, so this is new. I'm just wondering if I should just replace the axleshaft because the CV joint likely doesn't have much life left in it anyway, or if there's a good chance that, because I caught it early enough I can just replace the boot and seal and repack the CV joint and keep going on the old joint.
I've never heard of a "typical lifetime" for CV joints. It's probably something they should consider looking into. Just to have an idea. (say every 120k miles for example)
I would say it depends on your driving. How often do you use 4wd? How is it used. My burb has over 200k miles, and shows no symptoms in the cv joints. But then 4wd is rarely used.

Even still at the question of how often is 4wd used, the front wheels are not the only ones doing all the work. So, there is not a massive amount of strain ever put on the cv joints like there would be in a fwd vehicle.

I would think if you don't hear the tell-tale clicking/popping when you make a turn then the CV joint is probably good enough to repack.
Anyone else have an opinion on this, or some data they can share?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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