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Dash comeplete - Reaper and Carbon Fiber Hydro Dip

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I got the last of my dash parts back that I had dome in carbon fiber....I had the 2 fuse box covers at the ends of the dash done also but I think I only show one in this video. I can post pictures if someone wants to see certain parts better.

There is a line on the glove box but its just dust. The wires hanging out are for my train horn button that I havent put back in yet.

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That does look pretty good man. I tried to email them awhile back but they never replied back. I just want the woodgrain finish for certain parts of my truck i found some online but they are cutouts and i would rather have them done this way being they would look like the truck came that way. About how much did you pay for everything??
alright thanks man. That is really a good price compared to online sites that have the cutout pieces that dont line up perfectly! Def. a good investment man.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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