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Dashboard Scratches

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After moving back from college I had my truck packed so full that I even had a small cardboard box on the passenger side dash. After unpacking I saw that the box scratched through the gray coating down to the black plastic. Was wondering if there is a way to recoat it or paint it, or would the best bet be replacing the whole dash? Thanks for any opinions or ideas you guys might have.
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Years ago, I wanted to replace a trim piece in a car, I ordered the part from GM and they told me it would be black (the inside of the car was tan). I got a "rattle" can and painted it. Looked like a perfect match. I don't remember where I bought the paint, I think it was a body shop supply house.
I know they make paint but didn't know how it holds up. How did it hold up for you?
Mine held up very well. It was a 3 seat station wagon, the part was a speaker grill that replaced a shelf. My 3 kids continued to use the grill as as shelf. I kept the can to do a possible repaint, but never had to. Oh, and it was a perfect match.

You have scratches, you may need to fill the scratches to get a great job.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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