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dealer cant unlock theft lock.

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I have a nnbs 07 silverado ltz and I installed a stock nav/dvd unit and got the theft lock screen, but the dealership worked on it for 4 hours and could not get it to unlock for my truck, the unit came out of a 08 Yukon. Will it unlock since its a yukon going into my silverado or am i better off just giving it back to my friend?
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I dont see any reason that it shouldn't unlock, as they are all compatible between vehicles. However, I'm not sure about the newer ones, but the older GM trucks had premium Bose on trucks and most SUV's, and luxury Bose on Escalade and Denali. If they still do this, and your friend's yukon is a Denali, then it is possible there is some sort of compatibility issue between the systems.

Other than that, it should unlock and work just fine, so good luck and keep us posted
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