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The Heavy Chevy got her new name last week!! She also got some upgrades 4/6 lowering kit, cam installed, 3500 stall, posi trac, 373 gears, shift kit and servo, headers and tune. This was finished last week!! Also got halo head lights coming and led tinted tail lights. Looking for a set of factory nbs regency wheels or ss nbs wheels. Also im looking to buy a older model comaro ss or z28 the trans am will be ok looking for a 94-2000 model if ne one has one for sale. Man i cant wait to get home and drive my truck!
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Sounds awesome! You gonna drag race it?
cool stuff. I wanna see some pics and an exhaust vid lol. I bet it sounds sick with the headers and cam.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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