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Alex Trebec
Alan Thicke
Alanis Morrisette
Anne Murray
Bryan Adams .. the legend, the man who hangs with Pavorotti, & heck whoever he wants to
Celine Dion .. her voice is rapidly becoming the most recognizable Canadian to the loon.. hehe! Just KIDDING!!!
Christopher Plummer .. egads, another class act who is guiless..maybe these Canadians are just incredibly talented.. hmm
Dan Ackroyd ..starting way back on Saturday Night Live, he's an enduring & endearing guy.
Dave Foley .. from the Kids in the Hall, to News Radio.
David Cronenburg .. who knew Canada could produce such a naughty director?!?!
David Foster.. the Grammy winning producer, gifted arranger and prolific composer
David James Elliot.. TV's JAG, and really talented actor!
Donald Sutherland.. Keifer's father, (yes, Kiefer is Canadian too!) & known for his 'nasty' guy roles in Back Draft.. or anything else he's in!
Graham Greene, actor. He is best known for his performance in “Dances With Wolves”.
Gil Bellows.. Ally McBeal's ex love interest is CANADIAN!
Howie Mandell, the comedian has gone to the Big Time!
James Cameron .. another famous Oscar winning director
Jason Preistly .. (from 901210)
Jacques Villeneuve.. the worlds sexiest racer! WANT proof?!?! LOOK HERE!
Jenny Jones. Well, we can’t be proud of everyone...
Jim Carrey .. the most successful comic actor of all time.
Joni Mitchell.. singing legend
Kids in the Hall .. strangely Canadian
Keith Morrison .. feeds news to Americans now..
Leslie Neilson.. our special undercover agent..
Linda Evangelista.. cool, beautiful.. and Canadian!
Loreena McKennitt.. world reknowned for her music & still lives in the small town of Stratford. A caring person & great talent.
Lorne Michaels.. he's been controlling what Americans watch late Saturday nite for YEARS!!
Martin Short.. another SNL alumni..
Monty Hall, TV personality. He hosted TV’s “Let’s Make A Deal” for years.
Michael J. Fox.
Mike Myers.
Neil Young.. is he still alive?????
Neve Campbell.. she's conquered both the small & big screen.. what's next?!?!
Pam Anderson.. arguably our *ahem* biggest export..hehe
Paul Anka.. couldnt you tell he's Canadian?!?!
Peter Jennings, A.B.C. news anchorman.
Raymond Burr, actor; best known for “Ironside” and “Perry Mason”.
Rick Moranis, comedian, actor, probably best known as “Bob MacKenzie” from SCTV, and from the “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” movies.
Scott Thompson. from the kids in the hall, to his own..thing
Shania Twain
Teri Clark.. a cool country singer
Tommy Chong, comedian, actor. Best known as one-half of “Cheech and Chong”
William Shatner.. going where no Canadian has gone before..

Keep an eye on these..
Amanda Marshall the little lady with the HUGE voice
Colin James.. Just like the blues, this guy is SO cool!
Jeff Healey.. so much talent.. another Canadian blues legend
Roch Voisine.. his soulful voice has earned him legions of loyal fans. (The fact he's drop dead gorgeous probably doesnt hurt either!)
Sarah McLachlan The amazing talent behind Lilith Fair
the Tragically Hip.. check them out!

These celeb's have Canadian roots..but grew up in both the states & Canada. And having the best of both worlds!
Brendan Fraser..this hunky dude is so international Check out his story!!
Keanu Reeves.. another celeb who has roots in Canada..and the world
Matthew Perry.. he grew up in Canada, where he developed a taste for hockey.
Our beloved Canadians who are no longer with us
John Candy.. a wonderful man & Canadian.. he made us smile & laugh at ourselves
Phil Hartman.. a great talent, losing him is a sad tragedy.
Lorne Green.. from the old west in Bonanza, to the future in Battlestar Gallactica, his voice & talent stood out.
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