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differential cover leaking

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ok so this one is a wierd one. has anybody ever seen a diff cover rust so bad that it leaks through tiny holes that you cant see. i just replaced my gasket and oil and cleaned the hell out of it and it looks like oil is blowing right out the center of it. im considering just replaceing the cover and moving on. has anybody else seen this problem?

1999 Silverado 1500
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No I haven't, but they don't use salt on the roads here in the wintertime either. If it's rusted so thin that there are pin holes in it then you are right about replacing it cuz there is no permanent repair for this. Too rusty & thin to weld it. You might be able to skate by with some epoxee patches, but it sounds like it's too far gone & it will be a neverending story trying to continually seal up all the leaks. If the diff cover is this rusted, what do your brake lines look like? I would do a very carefull visual inspection of them front to back because they are very thin to start with, & this could be your next failure.
Well said stephan. I agree 100%
I've seen it before on vehicles from the rustbelt.
Even if you could find someone willing to repair it by welding up the holes it would take more time than it was worth.
Look on line at Summit they sell replacement rear diff covers for almost every vehicle with an axle.
It would probably cost a little more but you might want want to look at the cast covers, they usually wont corrode as fast as the cheap stamped ones and some of them are designed to offer differential lubrication cooling.
The stamped covers, especially chromed ones seem to flex and warp a little more than I like, thi makes them prone to small leaks.
Pretty common problem up here. New Dorman is about $35.
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