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Do 3.73s come in new trucks anymore???

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So like I said, I'm currently vehicle-less and I've been looking at 2010-2013 crew cab z71 silverados (LTs) and sierras (SLEs). What I noticed is that with the new 6 speed tranny, they all have 3.42 rear axles except for the VMAXs. What happened to the 3.73s?? I don't know if I can bring myself to buy a 5.3L with 3.43s six-speed or not! HELP!!
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Not necessarily.. I do move about every 2-3 years but I don't tow anything on a 'regular' basis. I guess I was just worried that the 3.42s/6-speed would heat up too much off-roading or towing from shifting more than the old 4-speed 3.73s. But if not, my fears are put to rest. Thanks for the info.
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