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Do you have a Bug guard? Chevy Truck Bug Guards.

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Who's got a bug guard on the front of their truck? Some poeple also call them a rock-chip guard. I think next to mud flaps, it's got to be the most common exterior accessory that exists? What do you think?
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i dont have one yet..but i definately see one in my future
I would get on if I could find one in body color, for less than $100. Any leads would be much appreciated.
try, they have a lot of stuff on there.
bug guard

I have a black 99 Z71 standard cab with the 5.3.The first thing i done was tint the windows.Then on to the engine.I added a k&n cold air unit a mass air flow sensor into a hypertech stage 3 reprogrammer and a 160 thermostat last was dual exhaust and flowmaser mufflers.On the outside i put a polar bushguard and rear saffari guards over the tail lites.Of course i went with 6 inch kc dayliters on the pushbar. Back to the subject i bought a bug guard and window vents.They are both great products that pay for themselves, and the best thing was that they came in black.The horsepower in the 5.3 is under rated with just bolt ons the hemis and the ovals dont stand i chance even with the bolt offese
Sounds nice, take a picture and post it in the chevy photo gallery.l
Yup. Got one on my truck and my wifes trailblazer.
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And side window ventshades on both vehicles also.
Yeah, I have the rain/vent shades on my Trailblazer as well. They were there when I bought it.
have the bug shield and the vent visors both very nice looks and work great
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I have one on my truck but I honestly do not not think it helps i have bugs on my windshield all the time and many chips from rocks i watch them fly right up and smack the windshild.
Have both bug deflector and window vents on order, should be in tonight.

Who's got a bug guard on the front of their truck? Some poeple also call them a rock-chip guard. I think next to mud flaps, it's got to be the most common exterior accessory that exists? What do you think?
I have visors on my windows and sunroof. I also have bug guard on the hood.

The bug guard doesn't work too well because it is not taller than the top of the hood. That's because of my truck's "power dome" hood (is that standard on the HD trucks?). Bugs still hit my windshield. Anyway, I didn't want to return it because of the 15% restock fee that charges.:mad:

I'm glad my Summit White truck has enough "classy" black plastic all around (door handles, bumper trim, side view mirrors, etc) so the bug guard and the visors blend in.:biggrin:

'06 Silverado 1500 Ext. Cab
I have a bug guard/deflector as well but as many have said it doesn't do much although it does keep the front edge of the hood clear from rock chips and thats about it....
I have mine on my truck to protect the front of the hood. I don't think it does a very good job of keeping the bug of the windshield. I will be taking it off once I finish my new bumper/grill guard. I don't think the two look good together.
I have a black Lund model on mine. Pretty good against the "love bugs" here in Fl!
Im thinking of getting one on my 07 classic silverado but im having trouble deciding chrome or black... i plan on getting the chrom door and tailgate handle covers, and i have already got the 3rd brake light cover but the chrome looked tacky so i painted it black looks awesome. I think GM should make those a stock accesory and have the body colors. Ill take some pics and post maybe on the weekend.. besides those mods, im thinking of a chrome billet grille or the GM acessory grille, and that SHOULD be it:p
I have a bug guard thet came from gm on my 03 sil. z71 and I had the mud flaps but I took them off a week ago I was washing by them and noticed the stock gm mud flaps rub on the truck and make little rust spots behind them
that was the first thing i did when i got my truck. went out and put on a bug shield and window vents. I must say window vents have to be one of the best things you can put on your truck. I never put my window up all of the way and it keeps it half way cool in the hot weather
Your right I like those vent shades they let you crack the window without blowing your head off on hwy
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