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Does anyone have rear A/C & "Heat controls on their [Expired Topic]

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I have the rear A/C, but I saw a pic once of a 'burban that had both A/C, and Heat controls for the rear. I didn't think that was really an option. Every one I saw in person only had the rear A/C.

I'm thinking I might take the time to convert it to have rear heat as well.
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i think all the lt models come that way........though i may be wrong, and if i am correct me please.
My '95 has three control dials on the rear control panel, one for fan speed, another for floor or vent selection and then a third for temp (hot & cold). As far as I know that is a pretty standard setup.

I know there is a seperate air unit in the back but I think there is just one heat system that does the whole truck. (just in case anybody cares, replacing the entire second AC unit costs $1020 :cry: Did it on Friday )
Wow, that's a good chunk of change. You probably need the heat in the back more than the AC in the back being in MN! It's the opposite down here in TX. The rig might be 150 inside. I had a dr. pepper explode on my dash about 5 years ago. :)
I have the front and rear A/C option in my Suburban, the only option the truck wasn't ordered with was the rear auxillary heater. It has the location on the dash for the controls(right below the rear A/C controls).
The rear aux. heater is the next add-on to the Suburban that I'm doing. A local wrecker up here has the factory set-up for a $100.00CDN, makes it a cheap enough creature comfort addition.
Steve, that Dr.Pepper must have been fun to clean up.
Ron :D
How exactly does the rear A/C work?, are there freon hi and low pressure lines running back to a compressor?? Is it all enclosed in that little plastic housing? does it take special tools to get to it??
I have a 95 GMC Sub as well.
That's a good question. I have an open cargo area, so I don't have a clue.
little late but yes there are hi/lo lines running to a second setup on the passenger side inside the fender wall.
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