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Does anyone know where i can find....

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some air shocks for the rear of my 04 silverado, having trouble finding them, was also wondering will the ones for an older (95) model c1500 work on my 04, they both seem to have the same ends, these are only for the purpose of hauling to motorcycles in the back of it thanks in advance!!!!!
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You can order them here:

You might also consider air springs:

As far as the old shocks, they may have the right ends but the travel length could be too short, or too long.
Contact the people where you bought them, and ask them to look up the part numbers for both model year trucks. If they match then you're in business!:great:
monroe should make something for your ride.... they have been around forever. i use monroe max-air's on my suburban because the flip kit dropped it too low and it rides great.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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