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What exactly is eating up? Is it the journal or the lobes themselves? If it's in the journal area, then you have an oiling problem. I personally have never heard of or seen the issue, but anytihng can happen. Whats your oil pressure look like? If it's eating the lobes, have the lifter bores checked. If they are out of round, then the lifter won't spin well within the bore, thus resulting in a wiped lobe.

Back to the journal issue, have those bores checked too. A shifted block or mis-alignemtn of the bores will wipe a cam too. Each and every time I build an engine, I have all of the bores and alignments checked. Not sure how old the block is but if it has every overheated the core of the block gets all hosed up, especially the lifter bores. Also, try chamfering the oil passgaes a bit in the block...and use Clevite bearings with the chamferred holes. These tend to work a lot better, especially when using a high volume oil pump.
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