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1999 Silverado
93000 Miles
Just bought truck Monday

The driver's side door of my truck has a very distinct sound of wind blowing through it while I'm driving at speeds over 45.

It is definitely coming from somewhere in the top of the door but I can't locate it.

Also the odd thing about it is it doesn't do it all the time, only sometimes.

Do I have a bad seal or what?

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Take a strip of paper about 2“ wide, open the door place the paper in between the door and the body and close the door. It should be hard to pull out with some resistance. Do this in several spots. When you find one spot that allows the paper to slide out easier than the rest you have found the bad area you have a problem.

Now look at the weather striping in that area, it may be damaged. If it is not then the upper door frame is out of whack.

Now comes the fix, it’s relatively easy.

Roll the window down, don’t forget to do this. Then place both hands on the top of the window frame as close to the offending spot. Place one knee on the inside of the doorpad and just pull the door frame inward. That’s how we fixed them at the factory. This is only if it is the door frame that is out of whack.

If it’s a defective seal, replace the seal.
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