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We recently had problems with the door locks on my wifes 08 HHR.
The drivers door wouldnt unlock with the key only the remote or inside switch's.
The right rear door doesnt always unlock.
On one remote the unlock button doesnt work.
And the other remote the lock button doesnt work.
Unfortunately all of this happened while I was out of town which means I didnt have a chance to screw things up worse so I told her to take it to the dealer and have them repair the drivers door lock and I ordered 2 new remotes through GM parts club.
She took it to the dealer and they repaired the drivers and passengers doors and replaced the remotes.
All the work was covered under the warranty including replacing the remotes so next time you have a remote issue talk to the dealer before buying new ones. The remotes were covered because GM considers them a safety issue concerning the door lock systems.
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