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I have an 04' model TB. In the past 6 months I have replaced the driver side headlight about 10 times. I have disabled my daytime ruuning lights with the optional switch everytime I drive during the day. Has anyone had this problem with theirs? If so, how did you keep the bulb ( 9006 low beam ) from blowing every 2 weeks? It is only the driver side. Another question I have... If I decide to go with the h.i.d. headlight conversion, will this cure the problem I seem to be having? I ask that because I am thinking for some reason that I may have too much wattage going to that one headlight and the h.i.d. kit comes with a ballast I am guessing that reduses the watts to 35W (h.i.d. peak power) rather than 55W (standard halogen power). If anyone could let me know anything about the two ( halogen or h.i.d. ) and what I should look for to prevent any more headlight mishaps... I would greatly appreciate it.
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