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Dumping a 5.3 07 Silverado?

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Go for it! The dealership will give you a sob story about the bad sounds you will get when you cut to 4 cylinders. Yeah its noticable, but only if your listening for it. Kinda just sounds like a lower rougher idle. Thats it. Definetly not bad enough to buy official GM exhaust. When running pipes out the back, they require that the spare tire be removed. Smart thinking there. Plus, it was 740$ just to order thru parts dept, not counting install. If you love loud exhaust, I say go for dumps. On my 98 2 Door 5.7 Tahoe I had true dual Flowmaster 40s I have single Flow 40 one in/two out dumped at the front of the wheelwell. Badass sound, hella interior resonance (i like that) and they will definetly hear you coming. Pics soon.
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What is this thread all about>?
Wow. That was an awesome 4 year old bump. This probably should have been archived 1000 days ago.... why did it warrant a reply?
will the exhaust be load enough where i won't here the clanking sound from downshifting when slowing down on my 2011 6speed 5.3 4wd abortion? that gm won't can't stop the jolting while it downshifts on its own that gm said is normal
What is this thread all about>?
Adding dumpers (aka exhaust bypass valves) to an exhaust system.

Typically this entails some form of Y-valve installed before the cat. I've seen both electronic and manual valves. In states that require emissions testing (e.g. California) it's not legal to run them (from an emissions standpoint). However, in states that either lack state inspection (e.g. Kansas) or inspect but don't test emissions they are fine to run (from an emissions standpoint).

The next consideration is noise, as they will be LOUD and may violate local noise ordinances. However, a key point to having dumpers is that they can be loud (i.e. open/dumping) when you want them to be ... and quiet (i.e. closed) when you don't.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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