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I don't know where to begin. I would highly recommend this dealer to any one that looking for a new GM if they don't have they will get it for you. I have used other dealers in the area and this dealer and the salesmen that I had (Dave LaCourse) was great every thing they told me happened right to a T. I mean in the pass I have had to seat there why the salesmen went into a different room to find out if he could do some thing not there the sales manger came over and spoke to us and then walked a way or if he did have to check on some thing he just went across the show floor to the S/M desk and talk and you sat right there and listen there was no BS and no secrets there at all and when I’m ready to do it again I will be back there no matter any ones say’s

Eagle Chevrolet 108 S.Comrie Avenue (Rt30) Johnstown New York 12095 (518) 762-5555 X229
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