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Easy maintencance today

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Easy maintenance today

I love it when problems are easy to solve!

My brake light has been coming on the dash of my 1999 Chevy Cavalier over the past week or two. I thought it was a wire shorting from the e-brake handle, and sometimes the light would go off if I turned a corner or something.

Nope, was low on brake fluid! Stopped in at the O'relies and got a pint and leveled it out ... problem solved. While I was at it, I checked the power steering fluid level, it was a touch low for I filled that up too. Followed by wiper fluid and a quart of Valvoleen synthetic and we're running good again. Total cost, $15. Now I think I'll drive to the car wash place and vacuum her out and spend some time detailing the dash and cleaning up the seats.

Funny how something simple like regular maintenance can make you feel like you did something major. lol

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And my question is- have you ever wondered where this stuff goes ? i.e. In theory it's a closed system, right ? I had a similar quick fix recently with my wife's car. Her fluid light kept coming on, and sure enough, it was a little low on radiator fluid. This has been going on for a while, and until recently I was told about it.... (i.e. since she wrecked the car 2 years ago). It seems that her problem was the dealer did not put enough fluid in when the car was put back together... (no comment.... lol)

Go figure...

I must say that I love it when things are simple !!!
As the brake surfaces go down so does the fluid. Brake fluid should be replaced every two years as it attracts moisture.
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