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ecu programmers

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was looking around and saw 4-5 ecu programmers. anyone have experience with them?

i would mostly be looking to tune for gas mileage unless i was towing something and then perhaps raise the shift points a little to keep the torque up.
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if you know what you are doing, they are a great thing.... if you don't its like a ticking timebomb. I had a friend that used one on his ranger and S10.... they didn't run for 4 months after he reprogrammed (he didn't save his current settings) so, if you buy one... BE CAREFUL thats all I can say.

In the hands of a professional, they are great... in the hands of a rookie, they are very dangerous to your truck.

thats just my 2c though
i would obviously save the running config first. i tune a 1990 mitsubishi eclipse with the same type of equipment as this, although im sure this would be a little different since im not trying to squeeze for 1/4 mile out of it.:tongue:
I bought one from Summit to tune my Suburban. With supercharged engines its a necessity to keep them running at peak performance.
As was said before save the original settings as a reset point in case you get things out of wack.
I've been able to tune for great mpg (best of 21, but with weak performance) or great performance (terrible mpg, best of 11). The factory settings seem to be a happy medium for everything.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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