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Electric Fan

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I have a 1990 Silverado, the air conditioner works good as I have just put all new components and had her charged up, the problem is with older vehicles I have been told they must have air circulating in order to get it to work at its full potential, I have sat idleing and watch the temp rise, I am thinking of putting an elctric fan on it. This vehicle will be driven by my 16 year old son and I know he will sit idleing to talk with friends and I do not want it to run hot. I live in Georgia and it has been an extremly hot summer!!!! What brand and size fan would I need to keep the temp down or is it as simple as a themostate change? All advice is much appreciated! :confused:
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Just make sure your fan clutch works. If you don't know what shape it's in it's easy to replace with a new one. Only draw back is it's about $60-$80 for a new one. Price depending on brand. Make sure you have the right mix of coolent. Wouldn't hurt to flush the coolent system and add a bottle of Water Wetter or similar product to help keep the seals and bearings of the water pump in shape and boost the thermal exchange of the coolent. And make sure you have a fan shoud. Makes the air denser and more effecient at cooling.
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