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Electric throttle body question

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Hey all,

I have a 2003 6litre 2500HD and I was doing some stuff and took the plastic intake piping off and noticed that the throttle butterfly isnt 100% shut (if you push it it will close more) and I was wondering if that was normal? I know from logs that when the car is at idle the TPS position averages from about 8-11%.

Thanks for your help.

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The idle is set on the elec. throttlebody by the computer opening the throttle blade slightly. Its normal for them to be open a little when the motor is off. The cable throttlebodies had a IAC valve to adjust the idle until the engine warmed up. If you ever want to clean the throttlebody and open the blade you have to turn the key on, not start and then depress the gas pedal to open the throttlebody blade.
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