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Electrical Issues

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Do you have any electrical question or issue at all? Post it in this message forum here.

This includes questions that are general or technical/specific.
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I have a 99 Silverado 2500 and i was blowing my horn one day and it worked then kinda fizzled out, and hasnt worked since. I have checked the fuses and they are fine. Any other ideas to check anything else?
I believe there is a relay.....but I could be wrong...
I had this same problem, and fixed it by replacing the 15a fuse in the "electrical center", under the hood.

Thanks all. I was the Fuse, I must have pulled a diff fuse by accident. It works now!
Does anyone have a diagram for the radio wire harness for a 2003 Silverado with the bose system? I'm having a little trouble finding a remote wire for an amp I'm installing that will turn on and off with the ignition and stay on with the radio until the doors are opened.
Quick question, my 07 Classic came with the manual dual-zone climate control and I'd like to upgrade to the automatic (digital) climate control panel from the same year truck if at all possible... is this upgrade plug and play? If not, can I swap in amanual AC panel from an older model (2002 or older) and just forfit my dual zone feature? For some reason I really don't like the new manual AC control panels... I like the older ones better with the three knobs (especially from the Escalade) or of course the new digital panel would be a nice upgrade.
wiring diagrams

could really use wiring diagram for 99 silverado 6cyl. 4.3 have had on going problems with shorts in wires between coil and ignition specifecly wires from coil to steering column
Turn signals not working. HELP!

The turn signals on my friends 1995 sierra 1/2 ton pickup are not working. The hazards are OK, the flasher for the hazards click and the lights come on.

The brakes are good, the fuse (number 16) is also good for the turn signals.

I would love to know if there is an independant falsher relay for the turns signals or if there is another plug I should be looking for the problem.

Anyone have a wiring diagram for this truck?

Thanks in advance

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i keep blowing my ingition A fuse and i cannot find any broken wires anywhere any ideas i need help it has been down for 3 months
Voltage Issue

2007 Silverado Classic w/ Duramax

Truck worked fine first 6 months
Startup volts went right to 14v

I was having a problem with a slider hitch locking so the service center connected my truck to a used trailer. They activated 5th wheel front jacks nothing happened, then...
Next morning when I started the truck. Static volts 12.44, after start up 11.8v ( this could stay this low for 5-10 minutes ) nighttime driving with a fully loaded electrical system. Once volts come up now they go to 14.9v. Had batteries load tested, alt tested and even tried a new alt, same deal. I can't find any burnt wires or fuses. This happens only on the first start after sitting overnight, next and subsequent starts are fine until a overnight deal is involved.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
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